LAKings: Mc3 and Mc5 – A Time Capsule

I always had the feeling, the unsupported thought in my mind, like I had the general impression that McNabb and McBain together was a good pair. I had positive memories but nothing specific, just a position like “hey I’m sure they looked good, they never looked bad that I remember.” Then, the San Jose stadium game was on the other night, Kings Sharks outdoors and lo and behold who’s the defensive pair in that victory?  Well its McNabb and McBain.

Further, that was win number 7, part of an 8 game winning streak. McNabb and McBain were a defensive pair for the last 7 of those 8 games won in a row… Continue reading

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When is a Dynasty?

How can a team claim a potential Dynasty, the Chicago Slackjaws of course; just 3 in 6 alone seems not enough.

But then, you give in a little bit, to account for “the salary cap era.” So what was once NOT a dynasty, may now be eligible for that most revered status.  But no, I say. NO.

How can a team claim Dynasty, and that is if they win against the Bolts of course, when another team can post a better record over the same time period. If you are a Dynasty, do you not vanquish all? Do you not better all? If it is a Dynasty, can there even be any questions or allowances?

3 in 6. If the Kings win in 2016, that makes 3 in 5.  We could better their mark and tell Chicago to shove their 3 in 6. Hell, we even have 2 chances to equal the apparent mandatory assignation of Dynasty by doing 3 in 6; even if we don’t win in 2016, we could still make 3 in 6 in 2017!

So how can Chicago be a dynasty, when there is alive and well another team with a solid chance to do even better, and has 2 solid chances to equal them?

Are we saying 2 Dynasties can co-exist thru the same time period? I’m not. Are you?

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Quiz Knows

Find the hidden clue. It’s not so hidden.

stoll tripping side by side

Sad truth: If I see the left, I’ll forever think the right.

Dammit Jarret. Fer fuks sake.

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The Check Republic (West): Welcome Andrej

Ok Andrej, lemme he’p you out:

We go back and forth, D to D., until we can form a solid breakout.

Learn leapfrog, the Globetrotter weave, the Baseball rundown, then try a 5 man monkey-roll, and combine them with the blades of a push mower and a turning tunnel of knives. That’s the forecheck and the breakout. Continue reading

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Mike Richards – Center Of The Universe



First this:

Without Mike Richards, the NHL all time, teams coming back from 0-3 in a series to win = 2.

Now it’s 4.

So much talk Centers on Richards needing to come back like the old Mike Richards.  So much talk about his salary and his line assignment, and if he is overpaid for his recent output.  The thinking goes, “Mike Richards should not be a 4th line center.” That thinking is based on an obsolete model, an incorrect grasp of the Kings actual intent.

I submit this to you: any evaluation of Richards must conform to the Kings actual wishes for him. Of course, right? But here’s the thing…

Remember how many times Sutter has made it absolutely clear that he does not number lines? Remember how many times he has said “we’re trying to get everyone into the game? Remember how many times it has been correctly stated that the Kings “roll 4 lines?”

So let’s define the objective here: The Kings want to roll 4 lines, game in and game out, playoffs and regular season. Most teams want to. Most teams can’t.

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#Selke2Kopitar…or, the article could well be called “The Jack Edwards Challenge.” For clarity, Jack Edwards is the bombastic, entertaining and absurdly over-the-top homer that does play-by-play for the Bahhstin Brewennns. During the Bruins game against the Flyers last Saturday, Edwards blurted out, “If anybody out there is more deserving of the Selke than Patrice Bergeron, I want to see him.” Well, Jack, I’m here to help.

My first kindness will be to assume that your failure to having yet seen a better Selke candidate than Bergeron is due more to ignorance than faulty analysis. Since the real candidate, Anze Kopitar, plays in the West, perhaps Jack you so exhaust yourself in orgiastic exclamation every time a Bruin does something positive that you simply cannot stay up, I mean awake, long enough.

Calling Jack a “homer” is not to say he is “Homeric;” though his quest is true, it is a fools errand. And here is why: Bergeron is actually getting less ice time this season than when he won it in 2010-2011, and meanwhile Kopitar’s season this year is better than both those seasons by Bergeron. A look at the graph below confirms it: (Graph 1)


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