The Case For Koivu (6/1/2010)

This is one of those perfect utility guys that fits my idea of a winning team with four affordable lines. Here is an article that lays out a good profile of Koivu.

The Kings could use this kind of guy– think of how important John Madden has been for the Hawks. Veteran, center or wing, faceoff guy, he is still very fast, and no long-term commitment for a hungry “glue” player. At his age, he should play mostly on wing, but could be substituted in at center to cover anyone, or to fit game-time line mixing. Given Murray’s penchant for power play units consisting of players from three different lines, Koivu’s versatility becomes even more valuable. For me, this would be the perfect guy for the speed line the Kings don’t have, plus he is very smart defensively.

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