Good news; there are no Olympics this year. Bad News; Kings have a 10 game road trip anyway (6/23/2010)

Okay, so Game #10 is in Anaheim, 4 days after game #9. That should make it all easier.

Feb 1- At Wild, Feb 2 at Oilers, Feb 5 at Flames, go home for a few days, Feb 10 at Penguins Feb 12 at Capitals, Feb 13 at Flyers, Feb 16 at Blue Jackets, Feb 17 ar Rangers, Feb 19 at Islanders, go home and play Anaheim on Feb 23.

Of the 10 games, there are THREE back-to-backs. The second section, the East Coast swing, has 6 games in 10 days. It now seems obvious; the playoff picture is going to become clear in February for our team. Like a poker tournament, the Kings cannot win a playoff spot in that two week span, but they can pretty much lose a payoff spot in that same span.

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