One Point I Want To Make (4/3/2012)

(This article was originally published by me as a guest author at the site called “Surly and Scribe”)

One point. One. With the Dallas loss, they have 2 games left and 89 points. Their max is 93, but they own the tiebreaker against the Kings. The Kings already have 93 points right goddamn now. One more point, and we clinch a playoff spot. One.

Will you be satisfied with that? I will be happy. I will see it as a reward. I will not be satisfied. Satisfaction will come in June. Of course, clinching a playoff spot is a mighty good thing, but why stop there?

If we clinch Thursday night, I will see it as the penultimate step. I will see it as permission to cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war. In these last two games, I don’t give a damn whether our wins eliminate the Sharks, or lower their seed, or whatever: beating them matters only within our own perspective.

A clinched playoff spot is only the springboard to The Division Title, home ice, and a tempered confidence born of tested mettle, a swagger exuded naturally and not manufactured. We can know, without it even needing to be said; regardless of whom, we can beat them. We can offer without fear, to any visitor: Come to our building, and bring all you have, for we intend to keep what you think is yours. When we come to your home, we will not visit, we will invade, and we will pillage.

Bobby touched on some dimensions of play that have brought the Kings to this point. In my mind is an article entitled “Paradigm Shift.” I will write that article in a few days, bouyed by enthusiasm, and filled with the anticipation of coming events and the opportunities for greatness. The pieces are there, they are fresh, they are healthy. I am not talking about just the players: it is more than that. This team is learning how good they can be, but I truly believe that the entire league will be given the greatest lesson as to just what is going on with the Los Angeles Kings this season.

But, for now, I am sticking with the one thing I am sure this suddenly immutable force of a team is also focusing on: one point. One. And then, a deep breath before we launch our final assault on history.

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