Lockout: For The First Time, It’s A Maybe…(12/28/2012)

(This article was originally published by me as a guest author at the site called “Surly and Scribe.”)

The latest offer from the NHL Owners has concessions. Let’s see if the NHLPA views these concessions as day-old popcorn, or a fresh gourmet chicken plate with sweet potato fries.  Linky Dinky

From what little I think I know, this is a major move from the owners previous 6 “final offers.” The 300 million remains for the make-whole, which the owners claimed had been lost forever when the last talks broke down. The free agency period is moved from 5 to 6, closer to the NHLPA position. Also, the salary variance year-to-year goes from 5% to 10%.

The article linked above explains the details far better than I, but clearly, the Owners have moved toward the NHLPA position. I choose to be hopeful at least until the NHLPA reacts. Until then, don’t go apeshit.

I am adding this article, which provides much greater detail, from TSN.  The Second Linky Dinky I Thinky



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