Dustin Brown – A Readers Poll

This article was never published at Surly and Scribe. It was conceived to be something in the “pipeline” for use when a gap appeared, but I had second thoughts the morning after. (You are supposed to get a hint when you hear the words “conceived,” “pipeline,” “gap” and “the morning after” in the same sentence. Couldn’t figure out how to metaphor date-rape in there…)

Dustin Brown – A Reader’s Poll (Draft)

This post will be short and sweet, just a handful of  popcorn.

As Captain and Champion, Dustin Brown entered the history books and proved wrong all those derogations labeling him as “a natural 3rd line winger” or “not a true leader” or “too quiet in the dressing room to be Captain.” The Chicken-Littles among you may choose to still believe so, or offer Mike Richards as the “real” Captain, but there can really be no credible doubt that Dustin Brown brought the Cup, both on and off the ice, thru his leadership.

At the open practice at Staples center Monday night the last drill, before final stretch-out at center ice, was a shootout drill. Every player took one turn. During the practice, there had been smatterings of cheers at particular times, and a partially successful “Go Kings Go” chant that Bailey tried to sponsor. The loudest cheer came when the Cup appeared on the jumbotron, however. That is, it was the loudest until the shootout drill.

When Dustin Brown took the puck at center, a spontaneous, loud, enthusiastic and completely sincere cheer erupted from the crowd. I think we all knew it was our only chance that night to single Dustin Brown out, to let him know directly, that we knew what he had done, and what he means to the organ-I-zation. It didn’t matter about the shootout anymore; we were talking to the team, by talking to the Captain of the team.

In that vein, we are offering a little bit of fun here. We have a list of potential nicknames for Dustin Brown; some are obvious, some are clever, some are funny, some are probably just plain stupid. And, stupid is okay, in the name of fun, unless you live a dry and humorless life. At least, that’s what we tell ourselves when we realize we are being stupid, it seems to ease the pain a little.

Vote for three. Write-ins are welcome, we are hoping some of you will come up with your own nicknames in the comments. We’ll include the write-ins, if any, in the runoff of the top vote-getters.

[polldaddy poll=6834800] (This is just an image, the poll is not active)

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