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A Last Look Back

(I never ended up posting this article at Surly and Scribe, but it was conceived while I was still under their banner. I say “under their banner” in the same was as a rape victim is under her perpetrator) A … Continue reading

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King, Nolan, Clifford Or Stewart; You Make The Call

It’s always fun to speculate about trades, but even more fun to guess at line-up changes and other personnel moves, probably because there are so many variations available. Most of those variations eventually get used as the season passes, so … Continue reading

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2013 Schedule Released And Yes, It’s Strange

As with all traditional, full-season schedules, there is a balance between home and road games. With this season’s 48 games sked, that is where the tradition stops. As defending STANLEY CUP CHAMPIONS the Kings are a popular team. The League … Continue reading

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Celebrate, Cerebrate, Calibrate… And Celebrate Again

The celebration part is done. With the opening of training camp, it’s official: winning the Cup is old news. It’s  ”totally last year, dude.” So now we need to cerebrate. It means “to think,” of course, as in use the … Continue reading

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Tentative Agreement Reached

Tentative Agreement Reached!!! 1/6/2013 For the first time, it’s a “probably”!! Google it for more info if you want, but I just wanted to put the headline out to spread the news quickly.  Here’s the first link I found, and then two … Continue reading

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