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A Read Between The Lines: Kings In Good Standing

The Kings are in 10th place in the Conference. Sounds bad, right? 16 games into the 48 game season means we are at the 1/3 mark, and it might seem the Kings are in trouble. The fact is the Kings … Continue reading

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Kings D – As In Difference: 2/23/2013 Avalanche At Kings

Fun game, looked like the playoffs in almost all ways. Lewis scored a shorthanded goal, to kill some Avalanche momentum as well as the penalty, and like in the Playoffs it was a “rapid response” score that came just 1:35 … Continue reading

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Max Points 4 The Alberta Double: 2-20-2013 Kings @ Flames

It’s very nice to wake up just 1 point out of 8th place with a game in hand. We’re also just 2 points out of 7th with a game in hand and the tiebreaker against Phoenix. Suddenly, all seems possible … Continue reading

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Less Try, More Do; 2-19-2013 Kings @ Oilers

This was a game of signs, both good and bad. If the giant isn’t waking up, at least he is stirring. Though largely outplayed for the 1st period, Jonathan Quick held us in. Good sign. Though granted the most ice … Continue reading

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Reprint: Points Threshold To Make Playoffs, And More

Seems like everybody is doing this calculating now…I posted this article originally at another site on January 8 of this year. Since other folks are talking about the points threshold now, I thought I would include my thoughts on the … Continue reading

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2-17-2013 Kings @ Blackhawks: Game Starts 12:37, Kings Show Up 1:55

I gotta go with clumsy. The Kings looked clumsy. “Out of sync,” “unsteady,” “a step behind,” these kinds of ideas just don’t cover it. It was clumsy on defense, it was clumsy on offense. The Hawks successful aggression coupled with … Continue reading

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