2-10-2013 Kings @ Red Wings: Datsyuk Offside Screen Grab/Another Goal Against In The Last 5 Seconds

A completely heartbreaking loss in regulation, after a valiant Kings squad battled back from another 2 goal deficit to tie the game with under a minute to play, only to give up a goal with 4.5 seconds left. The Player X Ray is first following tradition (click to enlarge) but following that is photographic proof that the Red Wings first goal was a gift from the Linesman.


I will leave the X Ray for you to look over on your own, but first, here is the picture of Pavel Datsyuk clearly offside, before being allowed to continue a near-breakaway for a goal after the obvious offside was not called.


This offside was so obvious, I saw it immediately on TV and I am not a paid professional. ┬áNote the perfect position of the linesman at the bottom of the picture. Being there and having his face pointed in the right direction apparently does not mean the eyes are open or the whistle will be blown if it was seen. The bottom of the two is conclusive: the puck is at the precise moment of becoming all the way over the line, while the player is well over the line by a distance of probably 12 inches. That kind of gap is monstrous to the professional linesman, too bad we didn’t get one to work this play in Detroit.

The Red Wings second goal came on an atrocious coverage situation by the Kings. The picture below shows what it was; a 2 on 5 against with a wrist shot from above the faceoff dot. A 2 on 5 and it goes in. It looked like a nothing play, and the Wings had a lazy line change going on behind the play, but it still ended up in out net. The first pic shows the carry, the second is just after the shot was let go.


All six guys on the ice have to share in the blame on this goal; it was fugly as can be.

This game is tough to dissect, because the Kings played so well only to be robbed at first, and then to blow the game on their own in the last 5 seconds of regulation. With a defensive zone faceoff that THE KINGS WON to the corner, something caused our guys to panic. A 2 on 2 battle squirted the puck toward the faceoff dot, where Stoll had his guy completely covered, and instead of just eating the puck into the corner boards Doughty wildly poked the puck off the boards and perfectly to Ericsson at the point. Ericsson took his time and slapped a shot past everyone (you know, the kind of shot that is always blocked when the Kings try it) and the shot nicked Quick before dribbling thru and skimming over the line for a goal.

The disappointment in this loss is magnified by the incredible work done to tie it up. The Kings outshot the Red Wings 15-11 in the 1st and 23-9 in the 2nd period, for a game total of 47-31. Despite 2 penalties in the 3rd, one with 4:09 to go, the Kings still rallied for the tie with just 53 seconds remaining, on a rebound putback by Alec Martinez cruising the crease. Elation turned to deflation however, and just like the Edmonton game on January 24th the Kings gave up a goal with between 5 and 4 seconds to go in regulation time.

This team is starting to come around, though, and carried the play for most of the game. Detroit was strong for the first 8 minutes and the Power Plays they enjoyed in the 3rd helped them just when they needed it most. Even with the linesman in the 1st giving Datsyuk an extra 12 inches of Blue Line, and Jimmy Howard standing on his head, and the usual zilch-zip-nada from the Kings 3 Power Play chances, the game was still there to be had for L.A. until three mistakes on the same play cost them. As it usually is, one mistake leads to another; Doughty poked the puck wildly instead of simply tapping it into the corner and following it in for a time-ending scrum, but then the shot got thru, and Quick just could not make the save. The type of shot that almost always ends up swallowed into Quick’s chest logo instead found a way thru his arms, then dribbled out and barely made it over the line.

Maybe it’s a good thing that we play St. Louis so soon, tomorrow at 4:30 L.A. time. This is not one to dwell on.

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7 Responses to 2-10-2013 Kings @ Red Wings: Datsyuk Offside Screen Grab/Another Goal Against In The Last 5 Seconds

  1. Hamburgular says:

    Good point about tomorrow’s game. I cant put enough space between the end of this game and my hopes for the rest of the season. I liked the energy and “compete”, man I hate that word….. Hopefully they didn’t leave it what they need for tomorrow, on the ice today.

    • playerx says:

      Saw a lot of positives, but the few moments of collapse were inexcusable. At least the team really responded for most of the game, it shows they are still capable, just not yet for a full 60 minutes.

  2. Duncanz says:

    Kings fan here.
    The commentary re the linesman’s call on the 1st goal is incorrect per the clause contained in the 3rd paragraph of NHL Rule 83.1 which denotes that if the player concerned has control of the puck prior to crossing the blue line he shall not be considered offside.
    Datsyuk clearly controls the puck with the outside of his right skate before he reaches the blue line and at this point qualifies himself to enter the zone. After he controls the puck, any subsequent considerations are moot.
    The linesman recognized the play and CORRECTLY washes out the ‘offside’ and the goal is good.

    • Player X says:

      I see no control of the puck at the time of entry. He merely accepted a pass with his skate outside the blue line, and relinquished control or possession of the puck before entry. For your point to hold, you would have to successfully argue that a player has control and possession of a puck that he is 12 inches away from and is in no way contacting at all. Am i missing something? How can a guy be in control of a puck if he is in no way touching it with any equipment?
      By the same logic, there could be no penalty for making a late hit on a guy that has just let go a pass, as if he is still in control of a puck that he has sent to someone else.
      The rule you quote speaks to a player that has control of the puck most often with his stick, where he could for example be skating in backwards with the puck on his stick, preceding the puck but by extension having control simultaneously to crossing the blue line. In the Datsyuk picture, the puck has yet to be fully over the blue line, but Datsyuk is, and he is not touching nor controlling the puck.

      • Duncanz says:

        Unfortunately, the picture does not tell the full story here because such an offside judgement, as evidenced, does not depend on an instant positional assessment but on factors occuring over a period of time. Hence the inclusion of the clause in question.
        And ‘control’ of the puck does not depend upon continuous contact. It depends upon having taken ‘possession’. This stands to reason. Once you have taken possession of the puck you are considered to be ‘in control’ of the puck.
        Obviously continuous contact is not a factor because there is never continuous contact with the puck, even when you are stick handling it.
        The rule does not state that the puck must not leave contact with a player’s equipment. Naturally, if it were intended this way it would specify the term ‘continuous contact’, but it does not. It is written using the words ‘control’ and ‘possession’.

        • Player X says:

          Thanks for coming back, duncanz, hope to see you here often. Gotta say we’re gonna have to agree to disagree, I have seen many times where the player backs in and because he “lets go” of the puck he is not granted the possession and is called offside. I see the logic of your argument, but I believe, albeit based anecdotally, that the way you describe is not the way the rule is usually applied. Dammit we gotta get Mike Murphy from Toronto, or the linesman himself, or Steven Walkom on here to settle this.

          • Duncanz says:

            Cheers X.
            You know, I was sure I had seen similar ones called too but had never paid much attention until earlier this season when I saw Corey Perry not get called when backing in with the puck in just the way you describe.
            I was bemused then and consequently checked the rule.
            The wording and intention are clear to me (I used to be a soccer referee similar principles) but I’ll tell you what, that play today in the COL v NSH game where Duchese got the gift call was one like I’ve never seen before. Amazing misapplication, that was.
            Anyhow, the best place to pose questions like this is probably on Kerry Fraser’s blog on TSN. It’s very good.

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