Keystone Kings: 2-27-2013 Red Wings @ Kings

For more than 2 periods, the Kings game was more slapstick than slapshot, yet they overcame an effective Red Wings forecheck and their own repeated clumsiness to act out a victory. In what began as a comedy and seemed destined to end as a tragedy, midway thru the 3rd period the Kings trailed, but only by 1-0. The roar of the greasepaint (look it up) stepped on our lines, and the roar of the Lion was more like that of Bailey the Mime than King of the Jungle. But then, the Kings’ impersonation of a hockey team took a dramatic turn.

At 10:26 in the 3rd, with their second extended 5 on 3 of the game, the Kings continued to method-act their usual tactic of standing stock-still and making slow but well-telegraphed passes in an elite game of keepaway. That is, until Mike Richards mistakenly let Jeff Carter touch the puck on an errant pass, and Carter varied from the script by deflecting the pass into a shot that slid under Howard’s pads for a goal.

What followed was a few shifts for the Wings spent attacking in the Kings zone, but Anze Kopitar took the lead role in some furious possession by the Kings, too. Suddenly, all the banana peels were under the Wings skates, or maybe I should say under their winged wheels.

On a double shift opportunity, Kopitar appeared with co-stars Dwight “No-Goals” King and Trevor “Top Line Cameo” Lewis. The scene was probably composed merely to establish some Wings zone-time, yet Kopitar ad-libbed a beautifully crafted goal to give the Kings the 2-1 lead. More after the X-Ray…


Exchanging stage and film metaphors for cooking show terms, from Scuderi’s cake-mixer turnover when he was the last man back to Bernier’s hilarious glove-to-head-to-net egg-flip  creating the Red Wings goal, and from Voynov’s ham-footed stumble past the puck creating a 2-on-1 against to Brown’s 2 consecutive cookie-steals in the high slot leading to absolutely nothing, it seemed the Kings had teflon sticks and butter knives for skates. Maybe the ice was sprayed with Pam, or maybe the trainer was storing the sticks in a bucket of lard…

Normally sure-handed, even simple and short passes somehow presented extreme challenges, yet the Wings were never able to fully take advantage. Bernier was great when he needed to be, and much like Jonathan Quick the early soft goal by Bernier led to vengeful efficiency stifling everything the Wings could do.

Despite the Red Wings skaters outplaying the Kings in this game, Bernier outplayed the Red Wing goalie Jimmy Howard to earn a victory. The reversal seems fair, with the Wings having won the previous game despite being outplayed and outshot, 47-31.

Now, 5′s are wild, and no, I don’t mean Keaton Ellerby’s passes. The Kings own 5th place in the conference, have a home record of 5-1-1 so far, they have won 5 in a row and even their overall goal differential is a plus 5.

The best news is that the Kings now sit only one point out of 4th, with a massive 3 games in hand behind the Predators. The worst news has to be the Kings Power Play.

I have an idea for the Kings Power Play. It’s called the “Basketball System.” From now on, the entire offensive zone is subject to the 3 second rule. Players are not allowed to remain in one area for more than three seconds. As well, “travelling” will be enforced: players must pass the puck within one and a half steps. There is also no “carrying” the puck, players must pass or shoot, and instead of a 24 second clock we are going with the 12 second clock.  Perhaps the Kings are unaware that such things as touch-passes and one-time shots exist, it really is the only logical explanation for the stagnancy we see game after game.

Having gone from the Ducks game to the Red Wings game, the only consistency is continuing to win despite giving up the first goal. I believe the stat is around 70% to lose when your opponent scores first, but the Kings have defied that two games in a row. Also, the Kings won a game when trailing after 2 periods, another stat that probably averages nearly 90 percent against league wide.

The Kings next play Vancouver on Saturday, and thankfully it’s an evening game. I doubt whether the Kings will be able to survive a similar effort in that game. The Canucks will be missing Ryan Kesler, so in a return to the acting metaphors let’s just say the Academy voters can now take that night off. Hopefully, the Kings won’t.

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17 Responses to Keystone Kings: 2-27-2013 Red Wings @ Kings

  1. Mik3ysfv says:

    Really. The 5 on 3 is like the Princeton four corners offense designed not to score but eat up time. The most uninspired drivel yet. Davis Payne could not have drawn it up like that (I hope).

    • Player X says:

      Lol Princeton four corners…I think maybe a big part of the problem is that they are trying to execute pre-designed plays, and not just creating on the fly. They need to at least tire the defenders out by forcing them to move to cover angles, and eventually a passing lane will open up. Passing lanes seem a lot more likely to open if both passer and receiver are moving, but if all 5 of our guys were moving…

      • Mik3ysfv says:

        ……or the NHL version of Ground Chuck or Woody Hayes’ 3 yards and a cloud of dust. I agree, If they’all move it could be lethal. Doughty has rekindled his love affair with that damn high wind-up. Remember the San Jose series? Both he and Johnson were killing it with simple wrist shots. It’s like Drew is pressing so hard to score, he has three different options in mind, and parts of all three emerge resulting in a “what the hell was that?” moment. His usual elegans is gone.

  2. Mik3ysfv says:

    Crap, *elegance* damn voice dictation.

  3. hamburgular says:

    Is it me or do the Redwings hook and hold more than any other team in the league? Im sure it has something to do with the average age on their team being 38 or something like that. The officiating was horrible, and i understand the sour grapes, but they got away with more crap than we did. Their whole team was hitched up to our guys for most of the game. I got so frustrated i had to stop watching for a bit. So happy with end result though. Kopis goal was heaven. And Carter is a stud. You know what? Hockey gods right!? Bring on the Cassucks. GKG!!!
    \X/ (Its a crown with hockey sticks, that’s also a W.) Love to get another one of them
    in Vancouver.

    • Player X says:

      It’s not just you, for sure. First, I agree that we also got away with a lot of calls, but in Detroit they finally got a taste of what it’s usually like for other teams. Eddie Olcyk says almost every game he calls that Detroit gets away with the “subtle little interference plays, and stick work like those hooks into the hands.” Even Drew Remenda remarked last night that the Wings complained about a non-call, and the very next shift “at the first opportunity, there you go, a hooking call on Los Angeles.”
      So of course all teams have calls missed, but there is a Detroit rule book, and if not, then why is there a totally weird phantom call every single game that goes Detroit’s way?

      • Mik3ysfv says:

        You two need peruse
        the utterly incessant sniveling that is going on over there is unbelievable. The blame the loss not on the 5 on 3 so much, but on the fact that Penner was not called for interference or roughing. They believe that the Wings should have been on a power play
        therefore Kopi would have never scored
        that goal. I am talking about the comments after a thread, any thread. After all these years of being good, they cannot handle the mediocrity staring me in the face.

  4. Standing around, looking stagnant and collecting paychecks. For a second there I thought you were referring to the the last five years of DiNiro’s career.

    The basket-power-ball-play theory has some serious merit. I’ll say 3 seconds is WAY too long to hold the puck. 1 second will suffice. Setting some ‘picks’ would be nice. Hell how about play designed to give the puck up low with Brown already in route to crush said sucker who touches the puck. I love that idea during a BPBP just to shake things up.

    Also driving the goal-lane and taking a layup-shot would be nice. Using the big-basket more would be great too. I don’t understand why teams don’t utilize the old Gretzky behind the net play anymore. Even if it’s limited now to a degree, it seems like it’s something that can still be useful in some instances.

    • Player X says:

      The 3 second thing means you can’t even stay in one area of the ice for 3 seconds, so if a guy is at the faceoff dot, after 3 seconds he has to get his ass somewhere else, hopefully in an exchange of positions with others.
      What I want to see are switches between 2 players mixed in among high cycles from the other 3 players; all 5 moving.
      I love the idea of using the Gretzky office; why has that gone away? PK men don’t want to follow guys behind, they would have to leave the crease, right? Brilliant…
      Cycles through the box, stop ups behind the net, yes yes yes.
      And the Brown idea, setting up a guy to touch it just so he can get run over, sounds like the thing to do at the 1:55 mark if the PP isn’t working…

  5. Hamburgular says:

    I’m torn between two goalies. It’s an awesome problem to have. My allegiance is always gonna goto Quickie, but I have to admit Berns is playing better. Smothering rebounds and exuding a level of confidence rarely seen at this level. I feel like he is truly capable of taking the job at this point. Quicks surgery in the offseason seems to have had an affect on either his mobility or his confidence. Not a great time to test anyone out, considering how important each game is. The upside is we get the best play possible out of each guy, plus increased value should the Kings choose to deal Berns. I wonder if Bernier would change his tune, if we went the Blues route and just split duties between the two? Seems to be working pretty well so far. I have more than enough hatred for the Canucks for me and Sutter, and at least the first 3 forward line as well. GKG \X/ !!!!

    • Player X says:

      Good points all, I agree completely. Maybe Sutter should let Bernier play until he loses one, then put in Quick and tell them both he is gonna alternate them in 3 or 4 game blocks, or share duty in 4 games to 2 games ratios or something. Not like if a guy loses he is out, but that the duties will be split no matter what at about 2 games to 1 depending on who plays better from now on. Like taking away the #1 designation, saying its 1a and 1b like you said, but having guys play 3 or more games in a row unless their game falls off a lot.

  6. Hamburgular says:

    Can’t wait to read more after game sniveling from all of our rivals. Vancouver fans are some of the more delusional ones.

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