Photographic Proof Why Torres Should Be Suspended: Cuz It’s A Head Shot

Screen Grabs show Stoll’s head irrefutably being the initial, AND ONLY, point of contact. Period. Head moves, and then shoulders and body follow but only after Torres is fully separated.

Screen Grab #1:  Stoll’s head, hip, shoulder and arm positions are established. Torres’ knees are bent.


Screen Grab #2: Moment of impact. Torres knees are now straightened, Torres having gone from low to high. Stoll’s head, hip, shoulder and arm are as yet unmoved.


Screen Grab #3: Impact has been made. Stoll’s hip, shoulder and arm remain unmoved, unaffected.  Stoll’s head is violently twisted to Stoll’s left. Torres is past Stoll’s shoulder and arm, having missed them entirely.


Screen Grab #4: Torres is skating thru the hit, and losing contact with Stoll. Stoll’s hip, shoulder and arm are still unmoved, unaffected. Stoll’s head is being forced to rotate on his neck to full range of motion.


Screen Grab #5: The force to Stoll’s head is now pulling his entire body by the neck, with his neck having reached full range of motion before the hips or shoulders were moved at all. Effectively, Stoll is being lifted by the skull while his neck is turned.


Screen Grab #6: Stoll is impacting the ice head first, the direct result of Torres illegal hit.


Note: This possible secondary injury makes the head shot so dangerous; a player with no body control, potentially already unconscious, can undergo another violent impact to the head with no ability to self-protect. 

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22 Responses to Photographic Proof Why Torres Should Be Suspended: Cuz It’s A Head Shot

  1. Mik3ysfv says:

    How many more chances for this idiot? The worst part is the a-hole announcers cover for him, saying, all year, ” He’s changed the way he plays. I’m sure he didn’t mean that.” I’ve heard that said about him a few times. Get him out of the leage. How many more people does he have to intentionally try to knock out?

  2. Hamburgular says:

    I wanna take a sledge hammer to that ginger scums head. Every hit he dishes out should be reviewed considering his history. Fucksake! Is there an active player with more suspensions than him, or more egregious offenses? I say take him out til next season and a warning that if it ever happens again that’s it! Dishonorable discharge. Get well soon Stolly. It shouldn’t have to fall on our team to avenge that hit, but I’m Fraid that’s the way it’s gonna go. Look for a chippy match on Thursday, and probably the whole series. Go Kings! So pissed! Excellent breakdown as always X.

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  4. Stuart says:

    Nice work X! We’ll see how Scamasham sees it…

  5. Mik3ysfv says:

    He is reaching Craig Muni status.

  6. Mik3ysfv says:

    TSN is reporting that they offered Rossi Tores an in person disciplinary hearing. meaning he could get suspended five or more games. About time.

  7. Stacey says:

    We can only hope for a multi-game suspension
    Unfortunately Shanahan is so unpredictable that be may not get anything

    • Player X says:

      I think the operative factor here is the status as a repeat offender. This is a guy that got 21 games for the same hit.
      The result is not as bad as with Hossa, which to me is actually irrelevant. If Stoll were lucky enough not to get hurt, it would not help the next guy’s chances, so why should it lessen the punishment?

  8. kingrussell says:

    Torres should be in prison.

  9. shiny says:


    I’d been on the fence about it all day because the video replay just doesn’t show it clearly enough. Even on the reverse angle, it all happens way too fast for me (personally) to be able to discern. I had thought initially it was a clean shoulder-to-shoulder hit but the charging penalty was warranted because Torres did somewhat launch himself (THAT was evident in the video). The pictures very plainly show – frame by frame – that the head was indeed the principle target in this case.

    I hope Torres get banned for life.

    • Player X says:

      I was in the same boat, until I noticed that Stoll’s arm never moved until he was rotating to the ice. It’s ever so slight, but you can also see that Torres actually moves his left shoulder to come forward of Stoll’s shoulder, as if to ensure that he misses a clean hit.
      You can’t get into the mind of a player, so they removed “intent” from the rules, as with kicking the puck in, or clearing the puck over the glass. Same idea should apply here. Rules is rules, facts is facts. This is the same technique he used on Hossa, finding a way to isolate a guys chin with an upward thrust as he skates thru. It’s a sideswipe to the face. If 21 games didn’t stop the guy, nothing will.

  10. NoHitLeague says:

    Shoulder on Shoulder, hockey knowledge ceases to exist in southern california. The 3-5 frames is such a joke boyo, lace up the skates before you argue for the pussification of hockey.

    • Player X says:

      Its physics, dudette. The head moves, the shoulder does not. Riddle me that or remain vague and irrelevant.

  11. Seriously? says:

    You can’t tell from this angle. This is bullshit. You Kings fans are so fake. You’ll make a million excuses for the myriad of Dustin Brown’s cheap shots, but when it happens to you, it’s a travesty.

    • Player X says:

      This is the best angle, as you, if you were to look, can clearly see the physical movement, the actual reaction to the force caused by the impact. The head moves first, yes or no. The shoulder does not move until Torres is losing contact, yes or no. You can accuse, fine, but you don’t know me. First, though, if you expect to be considered intelectually honest, deal with this issue first before expanding the argument. The head moves, the shoulder does notmove until Torres is beginning to separate. I rest my case unless you got something that proves me wrong. Seriously.

      s issue before xpaanding thbe argument. Head moves, shoulder does not, I rest my case unless you can show otherwise. Seriously.

  12. NotQuite says:

    His head moving first does not necessarily mean he was hit in the head. In a shoulder to shoulder hit, the force of the impact will radiate through the entire body. It is not uncommon for the torso to resist this force more than the neck (the torso being stronger, heavier, and closer to the center of gravity). This is especially the case if the neck is already moving at the time of impact. Looking at the pictures, it seems like at the time of impact, Stoll is moving his head from a right turned position (when he is looking at Torres) to a forward looking position. I think this is likely since keeping your head turned toward someone who is about to hit you is not a natural response. If his head was in fact in the process of turning, it is very possible a shoulder to shoulder impact would cause the head to snap around like Stoll’s did.

    On top of that, Stoll’s upper body clearly in the process of moving through this entire sequence. Look at the angle of his back. In each subsequent frame Stoll is moving into a more upright position. This continues after the point of impact. His shoulder is moved by the impact, it is just initially moved upward rather than the twisting motion you are looking for.

    The main take away here is that there are an almost infinite amount of variables that factor into a body’s reaction to a hit. His head moving as shown above could indicate a hit to the head, or it could not. We could sit here for hours going over every fine detail of how each body part moves in each frame, but we aren’t going to be any closer to determining where exactly Torres hit Stoll. What really matters is where Torres actually hit Stoll. That is what determines whether or not the hit was clean. The camera angle shown here is horrible for determining this, because the point of impact is hidden behind Torres’ body.

    • Player X says:

      Thanks for the comment, very much.
      Your point about the radiating force, I feel, does not really fully apply here: the force can radiate, but not in isolation to the head without affecting another, original point of contact.
      You detected Stoll’s shoulder angle changing, and upward movement, but (1) these movements are slight, while the head movement is drastic, and (2) Torres’ main direction of travel, and the subsequent force, are lateral. Torres does rise into the hit, granted, but all the while he is moving across Stoll’s body. That is why I focused on the “skating thru” the hit, as Torres continues past Stoll’s shoulder.
      I just don’t believe that Torres could impact Stoll to the shoulder in a lateral direction and end up continuing until he ends up back-to-front with Stoll, without forcing the shoulder to either twist or be moved significantly in a lateral direction. The head reacts so greatly, the shoulder would have had to show more evidence of impact than a slight upward change but no lateral change.
      Great thinking here from you, and I see your points and how there can be room for a different interpretation, but I guess the best way to say it is that I think you made a plausible argument but I cannot find enough evidence to be conclusive, while my argument seems to be more well supported by what evidence we do have.
      Thank you for the input, sir or madam, I appreciate it very much. Salute.

  13. Tom Brosseau says:

    The truly sad thing for San Jose, their fans and Torres himself is that if he doesn’t play like this, he doesn’t have a job

    • Player X says:

      Don’t tell anyone I said this, but Torres could be a good hockey player, and had been, except that he turns his back into hits as a habit, and sometimes makes very, very dirty plays. The guy can skate, he can pass pretty well, and he is a force when making clean hits. His “wild card factor” or whatever it is that makes him hurt people may not be intentional to cause injury, but he sort of “cheats” the hit by not facing guys straight up for face-to-face contact.

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