Back From The Wilderness

Hold The Point is once again back on the interwebz, pumping out new content and driving the statistical analysis of meaningful data. First off, a few quick notes:

Game Breakdowns will include at least the Player X Ray. Text and descriptive examinations will likely sometimes be delayed or skipped.

This season the X Ray will be supplemented by “shift logs” tracking sheets. The coaching decisions and line choices are tracked in real time by me, in a format that shows all Kings on the ice at any time, in which order and with which linemates. Opposing centers will be tracked as well, as often as possible, but to fully list all Kings and opposition players would not allow me to actually watch the game as it is played, but rather I would only be looking for sweater numbers.

Now a couple of league-wide news capsules, and comments thereon.

PATRICK ROY- His blowup at the 8th Dwarf was so much fun… Boudreau probably got so mad he was spitting, but from the NHL Films record we already know that nothing could make Boudreau swear more. Still, seeing Patrick “Wink” Roy totally lose his shit was worth the pain to my eyes from looking at Ducks uniforms.

DUSTIN PENNER- Healthy for opening night, yet he was left out of the line-up by coaches decision. So, I say this… Pencakes: made from scratch.

OUR BROADCASTERS: “Hi everybody, Bob Miller along with Jim Fox. Well, we are getting screwed again by the networks and the league, letting NBC Sports call the game based on their tourist-depth Kings knowledge. So, we ask you to tune into KTLK and follow Nick “drunken slur” Nickson and Daryl “word count but little substance” Evans as they bring you all the play by play as Minnesota tries to hack its way thru the Kings stifling coverage. Hey fans, speaking of hacks, you can also catch the game on NBCSN.”

It wasn’t enough that we last saw our guys while listening to the NBC crew, now we have to wait another game until the real voices, the ones that know our team, are calling the game for us. ┬áTo Jim Fox: I love your work, seriously I do, but please tone down the volume level; you have begun shouting into the mike, which when coupled with your ample speed speech becomes too strong as an “enhancement” to the visual aspect of the broadcast.

That’s all folks, for now. Game Day!!

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  1. Hamburgular says:

    Welcome back X. The only good thing about a lockout…….. Is the following off season seems really short. GKG \X/ no slow starts!!! Lets start with some solid forechecking. A goal in the first 10-15 seconds would be nice too.

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