The Check Republic (West): Welcome Andrej

Ok Andrej, lemme he’p you out:

We go back and forth, D to D., until we can form a solid breakout.

Learn leapfrog, the Globetrotter weave, the Baseball rundown, then try a 5 man monkey-roll, and combine them with the blades of a push mower and a turning tunnel of knives. That’s the forecheck and the breakout. 


In our defensive zone once we get the puck, the “top” 3 guys rush, the highest 3 guys, whether at that moment they are forwards or D-men.

The idea is that the correct play demands people in specific positions, so it’s a 5-man game of “musical chairs” as the play moves, in either direction. There’s always 6 places to fill, on attack or defending. On attack the 6th place is where we want the puck to be. On defense, it’s where we do not want the puck to be. So hit the open space, get there in an arc that interrupts 2 potential passing lanes.

Switch positions with guys but don’t do it unless you’re prepared to occupy that guy’s position for a bit. It won’t help to jump up and then immediately bail out.  For example, if you cycle down to the corner, next stop is most likely to cycle you to net-front. Almost like you’re crossing from dot-to-dot on the 5-side of one dice.

Hold the point. In board battles in the corners, on the Strong side, you can hold; a forward should always be cycling toward the point. Take one guy and/or the puck and hold the line. Maybe you get both, but you have to get at least one. If it goes bad the forward will leapfrog you into center and slow them down, then you leapfrog him into D-zone presence.

Along the boards, also, you can always at least neutralize an opponent and wait for help. You don’t have to win every battle, just don’t outright lose a battle. Face-off theory applies in same way here.

If there is open ice and you have the puck, moven-zee-feetsen. Carry the puck and force coverage decisions. Also be ready for the diagonal drop-back pass on an exit from our zone; all 5 guys are needed to create the angles for passing up-ice thru center.

Regehr is gonna send it back dude, be ready to handle and distribute. Maybe you rush it, maybe you skate into coverage and you distribute. But it has to be planned, no wild clears and no desperate dump-ins.

Work on those, get ya started. Doing fine, keep it going.

And oh, yeah:

Possession inside circles = shot + bodies.

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