When is a Dynasty?

How can a team claim a potential Dynasty, the Chicago Slackjaws of course; just 3 in 6 alone seems not enough.

But then, you give in a little bit, to account for “the salary cap era.” So what was once NOT a dynasty, may now be eligible for that most revered status.  But no, I say. NO.

How can a team claim Dynasty, and that is if they win against the Bolts of course, when another team can post a better record over the same time period. If you are a Dynasty, do you not vanquish all? Do you not better all? If it is a Dynasty, can there even be any questions or allowances?

3 in 6. If the Kings win in 2016, that makes 3 in 5.  We could better their mark and tell Chicago to shove their 3 in 6. Hell, we even have 2 chances to equal the apparent mandatory assignation of Dynasty by doing 3 in 6; even if we don’t win in 2016, we could still make 3 in 6 in 2017!

So how can Chicago be a dynasty, when there is alive and well another team with a solid chance to do even better, and has 2 solid chances to equal them?

Are we saying 2 Dynasties can co-exist thru the same time period? I’m not. Are you?

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