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Just a regular guy with rather large eyes and a mild skin condition. I mean me, that is, not Lieweke. Pictured is myself wearing Mr. Lieweke’s actual Championship ring. That’s the kind of guy Tim Lieweke is, and it made me proud to be a fan when a guy like that was running the Kings.

I have been a hockey fan since the Blackhawks in the early 60′s. I lost hockey when the cable age began, then moved to L.A. in 1985. In 1987 I was taken to Denis Potvin’s last game here, and started listening to the games on radio with Bob and Nick. Went to another game late season in 1988, then we all know what happened over that summer… I was hooked before the trade, but Gretzky put the Kings on the national map in a way they had not been before, and I felt like I got in just before they “blew up.”

Seen here is me next to a picture of my pop, S. Lee Stack, Sr. He was a potentate for the Zenobia Shriners, and even let me ride his miniature parade motorcycle.

Slee and Slee Sr side by side2

┬áMost People say we really look alike, but I don’t see it.

3 Responses to About Player X

  1. ToxSick13 says:

    The moonroof option on the helmet was a good choice!

  2. Eva Marie Alonzo says:

    Ha Ha Ha, it just hit me, you’re a Sleestack from “Land of the Lost”! I loved that show, Sid and Marty Kroft’s shows are my favorites. :)

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