Get In The Game

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This is your chance to lead the discussion. If you want to explore a subject in depth, if you want to originate a stats form, if you have an original article or even something you feel is worthy of being re-posted, this is your opportunity to author your own views and thoughts.

You might be surprised; you don’t need to work off some completed outline, and the idea doesn’t have to be totally figured out to start writing.¬†Sometimes, an idea is in your head and needs to have language assigned to it; writing can bring thoughts into focus. Authors at other sites allowed me to create articles, and I found that my thoughts became more clear as I wrote.

So here’s a challenge; bring it all full circle. ¬†If you are here to read, I would bet that your mind is forming responses as you go along. Why not collect those thoughts and turn them into a conversation? For me, it enhanced the experience of being a fan of the Stanley Cup Champion Los Angeles Kings. (Fun to say, fun to write)

The form below allows at least 65 pages in Word’s default margin settings; write it short, medium or long, but fill it up. We need your voice.

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