The Check Republic (West): Welcome Andrej

Ok Andrej, lemme he’p you out:

We go back and forth, D to D., until we can form a solid breakout.

Learn leapfrog, the Globetrotter weave, the Baseball rundown, then try a 5 man monkey-roll, and combine them with the blades of a push mower and a turning tunnel of knives. That’s the forecheck and the breakout. Continue reading

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Mike Richards – Center Of The Universe



First this:

Without Mike Richards, the NHL all time, teams coming back from 0-3 in a series to win = 2.

Now it’s 4.

So much talk Centers on Richards needing to come back like the old Mike Richards.  So much talk about his salary and his line assignment, and if he is overpaid for his recent output.  The thinking goes, “Mike Richards should not be a 4th line center.” That thinking is based on an obsolete model, an incorrect grasp of the Kings actual intent.

I submit this to you: any evaluation of Richards must conform to the Kings actual wishes for him. Of course, right? But here’s the thing…

Remember how many times Sutter has made it absolutely clear that he does not number lines? Remember how many times he has said “we’re trying to get everyone into the game? Remember how many times it has been correctly stated that the Kings “roll 4 lines?”

So let’s define the objective here: The Kings want to roll 4 lines, game in and game out, playoffs and regular season. Most teams want to. Most teams can’t.

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#Selke2Kopitar…or, the article could well be called “The Jack Edwards Challenge.” For clarity, Jack Edwards is the bombastic, entertaining and absurdly over-the-top homer that does play-by-play for the Bahhstin Brewennns. During the Bruins game against the Flyers last Saturday, Edwards blurted out, “If anybody out there is more deserving of the Selke than Patrice Bergeron, I want to see him.” Well, Jack, I’m here to help.

My first kindness will be to assume that your failure to having yet seen a better Selke candidate than Bergeron is due more to ignorance than faulty analysis. Since the real candidate, Anze Kopitar, plays in the West, perhaps Jack you so exhaust yourself in orgiastic exclamation every time a Bruin does something positive that you simply cannot stay up, I mean awake, long enough.

Calling Jack a “homer” is not to say he is “Homeric;” though his quest is true, it is a fools errand. And here is why: Bergeron is actually getting less ice time this season than when he won it in 2010-2011, and meanwhile Kopitar’s season this year is better than both those seasons by Bergeron. A look at the graph below confirms it: (Graph 1)


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My Best Ever

On a positive note, looking back this article sticks out. It covers Game 5 against the Sharks from late May, 2013.

This is everything the site was meant to be. It had the Player X Ray infographic, deep analysis of the game’s pivotal contests, some clever press-speak, even some moments of prose, and the comments showed interest from people not afraid to spend 10 minutes reading and thinking about hockey.

We didn’t do popcorn here, folks. We feasted.

Kings Engaged? No, Just Going Steady.

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Signing Off

Sitting here faced with two games of summary and tracking undone, it is a Sunday morning and I am looking at four hours or more of work to even just get the X Rays done, plus another couple of hours at least to write up the articles for games that happened two and three days ago. I’d rather rest.

Over this past summer events in my life nearly overwhelmed me. My sister passed, from cancer, in our home after a terrifically courageous battle. It was brutal, and came only 15 months after my Mom passed away, also after a protracted, inexorably deteriorating, and inevitable loss. For 8 months I was my Mother’s primary caretaker before my terminally diagnosed sister arrived in California and got the last two months to share with my Mom. In the past year I bought a house with my sister, and moved us in, but she enjoyed her first home for only 11 months total, but my sister and I got only 6 months really, before the cancer took over again, and I was again a primary caretaker which this time culminated in 6 weeks hospice in our home. This paragraph has three basic ingredients: time, loss and effort.

I am simply not the same person that could muster the focus required to write at the depth of understanding necessary to be informative. My “niche” as I understood it was based on what Coach Sutter did, and why I thought he did it. I am proud that I shared a viewpoint and that I correctly anticipated many, many lineup changes, positions adjustments, and in-game coaching decisions. To find that wavelength requires more cerebral “RAM” than I am currently willing to commit.

Essentially, and crudely, my articles were really an exhibition of arrogance, in a way. I wanted people to know I understood certain things, and that I used available information in a uniquely tailored way, which yielded what I thought was a valuable and predictive perspective on the Kings. If I got it right, I had proof that I had anticipated it. I thought I did it to generate discussion, and that if I led the discussion I would learn more and become even better at understanding the Kings successes and failures. But really, the whole exercise is an ego stroke leading to the pettiness of an implied “I told you so.”

So now, I see the time and effort required to maintain this site as something of a burden. It is now more something I am “supposed” to do, than something I am excited to do.

Time is much, much more valuable to me, now. I have suddenly gone from the youngest child to the sole survivor. I love the Kings, and they will see me through, but now as just another fan that thinks he knows what the hell is going on.

I thank you for your interest in this site. I am certain the activity and conversations provided me exactly what I needed, as distraction and company, during some very, very dark, the darkest, days.

Maybe I will find that person again, the one that goes to practices, reads everything, charts games, and spends 4 hours after each game making graphics and writing articles. That is not a very big maybe, though. Thank you, but for now, goodbye.

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Back From The Wilderness

Hold The Point is once again back on the interwebz, pumping out new content and driving the statistical analysis of meaningful data. First off, a few quick notes:

Game Breakdowns will include at least the Player X Ray. Text and descriptive examinations will likely sometimes be delayed or skipped.

This season the X Ray will be supplemented by “shift logs” tracking sheets. The coaching decisions and line choices are tracked in real time by me, in a format that shows all Kings on the ice at any time, in which order and with which linemates. Opposing centers will be tracked as well, as often as possible, but to fully list all Kings and opposition players would not allow me to actually watch the game as it is played, but rather I would only be looking for sweater numbers.

Now a couple of league-wide news capsules, and comments thereon.

PATRICK ROY- His blowup at the 8th Dwarf was so much fun… Boudreau probably got so mad he was spitting, but from the NHL Films record we already know that nothing could make Boudreau swear more. Still, seeing Patrick “Wink” Roy totally lose his shit was worth the pain to my eyes from looking at Ducks uniforms.

DUSTIN PENNER- Healthy for opening night, yet he was left out of the line-up by coaches decision. So, I say this… Pencakes: made from scratch.

OUR BROADCASTERS: “Hi everybody, Bob Miller along with Jim Fox. Well, we are getting screwed again by the networks and the league, letting NBC Sports call the game based on their tourist-depth Kings knowledge. So, we ask you to tune into KTLK and follow Nick “drunken slur” Nickson and Daryl “word count but little substance” Evans as they bring you all the play by play as Minnesota tries to hack its way thru the Kings stifling coverage. Hey fans, speaking of hacks, you can also catch the game on NBCSN.”

It wasn’t enough that we last saw our guys while listening to the NBC crew, now we have to wait another game until the real voices, the ones that know our team, are calling the game for us.  To Jim Fox: I love your work, seriously I do, but please tone down the volume level; you have begun shouting into the mike, which when coupled with your ample speed speech becomes too strong as an “enhancement” to the visual aspect of the broadcast.

That’s all folks, for now. Game Day!!

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