Ladies And Gentlemen, Your Los Angeles Kings 2013-2014

With the only remaining decision being Kyle Clifford’s signing, we can finally examine the roster going into Training Camp 2013. First I am showing a depth chart, X Style. At the last will be a screen grab of CapGeek’s current listing, just to summarize the financial aspect and, if you like, you can use the relative salary amounts to help you prioritize your own depth chart.

As you will see, in some cases players are listed in multiple positions. If a player has played Center and Left Wing, as with Mike Richards, he is listed under both positions.

A few notes on the ranking system I used.

First, a player has to have played the position to be listed under it.

Second, the order from top to bottom is “best-to-worst” but is based on competence at fulfilling a certain role, either as a scoring player or a defensive specialist. What I mean is, I put Carter at Center behind Stoll; this only means that I think Stoll is better at being a Checking Center than Carter is at being a Scoring Center. Carter can play Scoring Center, and he would be the third in line for that, but again Stoll is better at his role of Checking Center than Carter would be at Scoring Center. So, the ranking assumes that you, the reader, knows a bit about the role each player most often has been assigned to play.

Third, when a close call came, I used a rule of “If I only had these two guys, who do I want more” which disregards the dynamic of needing 2 Scoring Centers, for example. Again, with Stoll and Carter, there are instances where I would prefer Carter, but in the most common usages it’s Stoll. Continue reading

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L.A. Kings Depth Chart 2013-2014 Pre-Season





Companion post for Side-By-Side reading of “Ladies And Gentlemen, Your Los Angeles Kings 2013 – 2014″ Continue reading

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Player X Butchers The Job Of GM

If I can get here in 15 minutes, Dean Lombardi is not gonna have too big a problem keeping the guys he really wants.


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Oh, The Humanatee


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Proud – Kings v. Hawks 6-8-2013

 They are not going to win the Championship, but this is what Champions look like:

6-8-2013-Chicago Game 5

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Now We Know, So Now We Do – Nano-Scale Focus

Gonna get all metaphysical on the peeps:

I am writing this in an effort to bolster the psychic backstop of an informed collective conscious. One mind, one goal, one path, one tribe.

Don’t tell the humans.

June 7: Brown, on why the team accounted for only two shots on goal in the third period in Game 4: 
“I couldn’t tell you what caused that. We have to get more pucks to the net, more bodies to the net. I don’t think that’s just the third, but the whole series. The Hawks have done a good job, been limiting our rush chances. With the way their D skate, we have to place the pucks better and get to the neutral zone better. I think the neutral zone has pretty much been the key for the whole series. Their transition game is really good. If we’re going to turn the puck over or not get through the neutral zone cleanly, it’s going to play into their hands.”

Dustin Brown first said “get to” the neutral zone, and later said “get through” the neutral zone. These are very different. In saying “get to the neutral zone better” he’s talking about how they cross their own blue line on exit. If you are analyzing an aspect of executing a system, that is as fine a point, as small a difference in location as there can be, but the significance, at least to myself and to our Captain, is massive. Continue reading

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