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This page will be funny stuff (hopefully), such as photo mashes with captions, and attempts at clever sketches and articles. Think of them as Cheap Shots, and not just cuz I take most photos from a cell phone. As always, click an image to isolate it.

In our first entry, we see the expression from Jeff Carter after scoring a game-winning shootout goal…


True or False: is this a picture of former Kings goaltender Jason LaBarbera?


It’s a tough one, I know, and even though the technique is exactly the same, the fact is this is not the real Jason LaBarbera.  You can tell, because he isn’t wearing skates.

Okay, so if I am going to fully commit to this site, I have to show myself as I really am, and perhaps take the risk of appearing too classy, too cosmopolitan, just too damn cool for the audience. So, I am going to show you just how totally cool I really am:


Please understand, I only wear this when I am trying to pick up chicks; I don’t flaunt it very often.

But if this is all about the Kings, I cannot overlook the obvious: Jonathan Quick

quickisgumbyfor PokeCheck

The Sedin Twins: Of course, most often they are referred to as the sisters, and we will get to that, but first it needs to be recognized that they are actually alien impostors, posing as humans, and as such actual gender may be somewhat mixed. I guess it would be the same if they were human, too, maybe I am wasting words here.

sedin twinswithdad

Pops is pretty damn stern… As I said, the whole sister thing is very popular. I have exclusive proof, exhibited here publicly for the very first time, that both the city of Los Angeles and the city of Vancouver have formally consented to this very designation, with Vancouver admitting that all of their citizens are sisters to us.


It’s Official!

Remember when the Canucks were our opponents in the playoffs? You know, back when neither of us had ever won a Stanley Cup but now we have and we did it first and they have only gotten close enough to end up choking? I took advantage of some diligent research and published (linkalicious) these revelations of family ties from among select members of those Cupless miscreants from the north…

Alexandre Burrows: With a name like that, Burrows, one can imagine many rodents in his DNA, but surprisingly no, it’s equine.


Ryan Kesler: seen here in a print ad, and then surrounded by family members PeePaw and cousin Jimmy.


Sadly, Ryan is out to start the season, which is tragic; just think of all the kids that will miss out on his demonstrations of diving and gymnastics. Pity, huh?

Even the graphics guys on TV have a bad day every now and then. Recently, at the Calgary game those guys must have really been feeling the travel and the back-to-back fatigue…SAMSUNG

First they tried to tell us that we were hammering the Flames, with 11 plyers in the plus column. It’s good for a coach to have many tools in the toolkit. We had a vise-like grip on the game, Dustin Brown was drilling guys, but the Flames could ratchet it up at any time. Then, to keep things G-Rated, the graphics guys did this:

SAMSUNGI mean, I think this was an intentional choice not to use the word “impotent” in the same sentence as “no scoring” but could they not just go with dismal, fruitless, unproductive, lackluster…? Anything? Putting “un” in front of words does not always make the result un-wrong, ya know.

This one speak for itself, but just look at those eyes:

Regehr Is Hungry

3 Responses to PokeCheck

  1. ToxSick13 says:

    Kessler can smell fear from farther away than most humans can see

  2. Eva Marie Alonzo says:

    That old ‘Kingsasaurus’ t-shirt reminds me of the ‘Snoopy driving the Zamboni’ T-shirt I used to wear… Hmmmm… I am going to look in the garage to see if i still have it. My Old Kings jerseys are non-wearable. I think they are mustard or nacho cheese stains?? Eating at the games when the Kings scored never turned out well for me. :)

    • Player X says:

      I love that shirt, it’s so corny. Never seen the Snoopy one you have, sounds fun, and yeah, mustard is vicious and I think ketchup is targeting me.

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