Red Light District

When we score a goal, we get sunburn on our face. When they score a goal, we get sunburn on our necks. This declares the “sunburn award” per game, as in who got “lit up”. Could be our team hero or goat, or opposing team hero or goat.

This feature is under construction at this time…

4 Responses to Red Light District

  1. Mik3ysfv says:

    X, I cannot think of a better candidate than Mike Smith for the inaugural sunburn award. Few and far between are jackasses of his caliber. Todd Bertuzzi, maybe. Ryane Clowe… What say you?

  2. Player X says:

    Yeah, I am still looking for the right visual for this, kinda intensive just keeping up with the other stuff on the site so far, but when I get more practiced I will have time for this idea. All your guys would qualify, for sure, especially Smith. what a whiner that guy is, huh?

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