X Sighting

When I am out and about,  I  never know who I might meet. Here’s a collection of some of the great people that are willing to share a little bit of their world, and time.


Pamela Anderson was very sweet and kind, even traded some jokes. Very nice lady. As pretty as she is, when I met her the real beauty came from her personality.


Here’s me with Kelly Hrudey, Kings Legend being honored tomorrow, March 9, 2013. He’s in town early, and I caught up with him hanging around practice during fantasy camp weekend. What a nice guy, he posed for pictures and hung around with fans, even reminiscing about the blue chiffon headband he used to make from torn t-shirts. Good dude.


Daryl Evans was a very patient individual, as I fumbled to set up the phone camera. Great guy, doing a great job on the TV now with Patrick as well as his usual gig on the radio.


Tim Lieweke, what a guy. I walk in for opening night at the Hawks game, and Tim Lieweke  was walking by but he stopped to spend about 15 minutes letting a few lucky fans wear his own actual Championship Ring. This was before the players had gotten theirs, but I didn’t feel too bad cuz those guys got to keep the one they tried on. Stubbornly, Mr. Lieweke insisted I give this one back to him. He thanked us for our patience during the lockout, and it was obvious he really meant it.


So I’m walking into the Toyota Sports Center, and this guy is walking out, and it’s former Kings Captain Mattias Norstrom. First thought is nice leather coat, second thought is the guy is tall and very fit, then with the third thought I blurt out “Matty?” Like I know him, right? But he stops and says, “Yeah, surprised?”

I ask him if he is there to get a new portrait for the practice rink wall, or is he asking for a tryout… Turns out he’s doing a 5 part documentary for Swedish TV where he is the host/correspondent, and the whole thing was his idea to spotlight how the Kings organization (and Dallas Stars) developed Hockey in a region where youth hockey grew after the NHL team got there. Usually, youth hockey is part of the groundswell of support needed for a team to survive, but the Kings did it backwards. Nice conversation came later in the day, after he got the footage, and it was really fun to see him laughing with Jim Fox and Dean Lombardi. Very approachable, if you just keep it regular, and seems content with his new focus and career. Looks like he could step right in and play, too.


Ian Laperriere, great guy, was so nice and sincere. Everything you have ever heard about this guy is positive, and I am sure every bit of it is true. Class act, represents the best of hockey; tough as hell but not cruel, wants to beat you but doesn’t want to rub it in. Good luck Lappy, I told him I hope every day is a good day, and he deserves it.


I once ran into Jim Fox at Staples between periods. The man was traveling from ice level back up to the booth, and yet he stopped and talked with my son and me. We said we didn’t want to make him late, he said we had lots of time so we started talking about my thinking Marc Crawford was on his way out. Foxxie disagreed based on what he felt the organization was thinking, but by the end of that year it was time to meet Terry Murray. Jim has always been nice, and that night he “talked me up ” to my son, as if I was the “personality.” Class, total class.


After we established that we were not related, I asked this guy if he had a sister. His family obviously has good genes.

2-25-2013-slee with ted nolanRecognize this guy? It’s me. Oh, and the other guy is Jordan Nolan’s dad, Ted. He was at the Ducks game 2/25/2013 with Jordan’s brother, who took this picture with my cell phone. Word of warning, though, all the Nolans move really fast. I don’t even remember what we talked about, the whole thing is a blur.

2 Responses to X Sighting

  1. ToxSick13 says:

    Glad these people were so approachable and easy to talk to. Nothing worse than someone too caught up in their fame to take time out for the people that got them there.

  2. Connie Ice Queen says:

    Love your website! and happy to see how popular you are!

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